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Our Mission

The purpose of the Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation is to stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport. To offer our State Conservation Department our moral and political support and encouragement. To promote full adherence to all conservation codes, to demand adequate water quality standards and legal enforcement of existing regulatory standards. To detect and report any polluter and to call public and political attention to this crime. To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of bass catching techniques and ideas, to promote and encourage youth fishing and love for this great recreation. To promote sportsmanship, courtesy and boating safety at all levels.


New Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation Sponsorship for 2014 & 2015 

Livingston Lures has signed on as a title sponsor for the remainder of the 2014 Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation season and the entire 2015 Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation season. A coupon code will soon be available to the membership of the Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation for the purchase of products at a substantial discount.

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  1. Joel Porter

    Kenny and Travis at the Team Championship

    I asked Kenny and Travis for a letter on their experience at the Team Championship. The following is what they sent. Well what can I say other than “that lake was tough”!  Spending months of preparation getting ready for the cold water bite, researching as much as we could with...
  2. Doug Nygren

    Video of electrofishing activity

    If you have never been on a shocker boat you might find this video interesting.  It shows our staff sampling bass at Butler SFL and has some great underwater video.  Craig Johnson, El Dorado district biologist,  filmed this activity this spring and put together the clip. We use the data...
  3. Brad VanRiette

    New Youth Director for the KBN

    Just a quick note to welcome Richard Heflin as the KBN Youth Director. At the fall KBN business meeting Richard was selected to be the new KBN Youth Director. He replaces Jimmie Folse who will be relocating to Pennsylvania due to his job. While we will miss Jimmie and his...
  4. Joel Porter

    Olathe Bass Club food drive

      “The Olathe Bass Club held it’s first annual food drive to support the Olathe Community Food Pantry (www.feedolathe.org) at their Fall Awards Banquet.  The purpose of this charity is to help meet the dietary needs of members of the Olathe community who do not have the means to purchase any and/or enough food to feed...
  5. Joel Porter

    BASS Nation National Championship

    I want to congratulate Preston Frazell for representing the KBN well at the Nationals. He finished 15th overall and was just a little over 4#’s out of the Central lead. After last year with Paul Mueller, who is going back again this year representing the Eastern Division, finishing 2nd in...
  6. Don Leatherman

    2015 Bassmaster Open Schedule Announced

      Oct. 13, 2014 2015 Bassmaster Opens Schedule Announced; St. Clair Elite Rescheduled BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The 2015 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens tournament series will span nine months, visit nine states and possibly provide nine professional anglers a ticket to the Super Bowl of bass fishing — the Bassmaster...


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No one could have predicted that the 106 fishermen competing in Ray Scott’s first tournament in 1967 would one day turn into a membership organization more than half a million strong. It would have been just as impossible to predict that the B.A.S.S. newsletter, first distributed in 1968, would evolve into Bassmaster Magazine, the bible of today’s bass fisherman — but it happened.

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