High School Qualifier #2 on Glen Elder

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The high school guys were met with interesting challenges for their second event of the season. When the 30 teams arrived at the ramp they were met with post front conditions with winds in the 15 mph range and clouds. The night before the tournament saw heavy rains.

The teams met this challenge head on. In the end it was the team of Nick Davenport and Hunter Baird who came out on top. Those who were there know that because of the heavy rain the night before and the fact both these guys play high school football, Nick was unable to attend the tournament because of a postponement with the football games. Hunter had to fish alone and come to the scales early as he too had to finish the high school football game from the night before.

Nick was able to put together a winning weight that tipped the scales at 11.87 lbs.

Mr. Baird not pictured as he was playing in his football game

Mr. Baird not pictured as he was playing in his football game

The rest of the field was close behind:

Glikey/Willm – Buhler – 9.63

Nimrod/Nimrod – Desoto – 8.56

Miller/Minor – Desoto – 6.93

Simmons/Halstead – Capital City – 6.78

Gerber/Flynn – KickBack – 6.78

Davis/Lewman – Buhler – 5.86

Harris/Coombes – Douglass – 4.91

Backus/Schrader – Capital City – 4.42

Lyle/Ensz – Bishop Carrol – 3.96

Torres/Gutgesell – KickBack – 3.10

Heinen/Bila – Capital City – 2.40

Brummer Watts – Desoto – 2.22

Landis/Swigart – Douglass – 2.03

Cheney/Henderson – Buhler – 1.94


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