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The purpose of the Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation is to stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport. To offer our State Conservation Department our moral and political support and encouragement. To promote full adherence to all conservation codes, to demand adequate water quality standards and legal enforcement of existing regulatory standards. To detect and report any polluter and to call public and political attention to this crime. To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of bass catching techniques and ideas, to promote and encourage youth fishing and love for this great recreation. To promote sportsmanship, courtesy and boating safety at all levels.


2014 K.B.N. “West” & “East” Qualifier Sponsors

We are proud to introduce the Qualifier Sponsors for the Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation “West” and “East” Qualifier Tournaments:  *LEWIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP* of Garden City, Dodge City and Hays, Kansas, http://www.buylewis.com is a returning sponsor and is sponsoring the Lewis Automotive Group “West” Qualifier at Wilson Reservoir, April 26 & 27, 2014.  *DODIG JEWELRY SERVICE* of Overland Park, Kansas, (913-709-1323) is a new sponsor this year and is sponsoring the Dodig Jewelry “East” Qualifier at Grand Lake, Oklahoma, July 26 & 27, 2014. Our sincere appreciation to both of these sponsors for supporting our qualifying events.

  1. Joel Porter

    Mr. Bass Tournament Results

    Congratulation to Larry Brumley–the 2014 Mr. Bass Big Bass Winners—–Reggie Hutson, day 1–5.47 and Luke Stringer day 2–5.97 Boaters from left to right; Nick Spantgos, Luke Stringer, Larry Brumley, John Boyd Non-boaters from left to right; Josh Pugh, Larry Fralick, Sam Leintz, James Parsons Below are the results for the Mr. Bass at...
  2. Joel Porter

    Team Series Launch

    All, The launch order for the team series will be decided by when I receive your entries. 1st paid team will be boat 1, second paid team boat 2, and so on. Get your entries in early. Thanks Joel
  3. Joel Porter

    Mr. Bass Headquarters

    MR. Bass anglers, Pre-tournament meeting and registration on Friday March 28 registrations starting at 5pm with the meeting and pairings afterwards. Quality Inn  2215 N. 14th Ponca City, OK 74604  (580) 762-8311  fax: (580) 765-0014
  4. Jeff Nolte

    Members step up for Youth

    We had a very productive Spring Meeting Saturday in Salina, highlighted by some incredible generosity. When our new Youth Director, Jimmie Folse gave his report, he indicated that several clubs had formed already, and that we would be able to hold a State Championship. The winning team would advance to...
  5. Joel Porter

    Lewis Automotive Group “West” Qualifier

    I had a question about the Lewis Automotive Group ”West” Qualifier at Wilson that I believe I should address here. We will be fishing for a 5 fish limit, Anglers will need to buy a Bass Pass to be able to cull during this tournament. There are places to buy the Bass...
  6. Joel Porter

    Ramp at Sooner Lake

    All, just wanted to drop a note for those fishing the Mr. Bass at Sooner lake. There are two ramps on the Southern part of the lake. The one we will be utilizing will be the farthest West ramp. Wanted to get that out, so that if anybody goes down...


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No one could have predicted that the 106 fishermen competing in Ray Scott’s first tournament in 1967 would one day turn into a membership organization more than half a million strong. It would have been just as impossible to predict that the B.A.S.S. newsletter, first distributed in 1968, would evolve into Bassmaster Magazine, the bible of today’s bass fisherman — but it happened.

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