2017 Update

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I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I can tell you we continue our efforts to improve bass fishing.

The Meade Hatchery produced over 1 million bass again this year.  We released early spawn bass in Webster, Kirwin, Wilson, Melvern, Kanopolis, Hillsdale, El Dorado, and numerous state fishing lakes and community lakes.

Spring electrofishing allowed us to collect fin clips from bass captured in stocked lakes.  Soon the genetic marks will tell us the contribution the stockings made to the fishery.  We also clipped bass at tournaments to see if hatchery fish are showing up in your catches as well.

We continue to deploy Georgia cubes into waters across the state, and received a $50,000 grant from the Bureau of Reclamation to install cubes at Glen Elder and Lovewell over the next five years.

District biologists also are still installing brush piles, promoting aquatic vegetation, and are looking at new forage species which may improve bass fishing.  Right now, we are considering threadfin shad as a safe forage introduction as they can’t survive hard winters in Kansas, but could be stocked as adults and their offspring could supplement forage to improve recruitment and growth of bass.

I will have more details on all this as the summer winds down.  Good luck and catch a bunch of fish next time you’re out!


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